Albacore delivers maritime solutions. Albacore protects and enhances our clients assets and interests, with many years experience
within the maritime industry,

AlBacore has extensive operational and board / Director level experience of maritime operations, including:

  • Marine surveying and Inspection services
  • Port operations
  • Ship management including the commercial & technical operation of vessels trading on both the spot and time charter markets.
  • Marine / logestic Insurance sales and purchase spares / supplies.

Albacore has been managing ships, during that time Albacore has managed all types of ships from small bunker vessel to product tanker and
has gained great experience working for and alongside listed companies, traditional ship owners, investment companies, trading houses and state-owned
shipping companies. Over the years, Albacore has fostered close ties with some of the world's leading financial institutions and is well recognized as a leading ship management company.